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Available on November 15.

Named after a mountain 2221 meters high, Seefelder Spitze is the new unisex floral fragrance by Acqua Alpes dedicated to the charming village of Seefeld.

Dive into a blossoming love affair while discovering unique and breathtaking landscapes just a stone’s throw from the city of Innsbruck.

A tiny world packed with unspoiled nature and crystal-clear waters set in an ever-vibrant scenery.

This is the irresistible charm you feel when wearing this perfume, whose heart note is captured by tuberose, a white flower with a sensual, hypnotic, almost forbidden scent emanated intensely after sunset – one you cannot not forget.

Orange and coriander provide notes that are both spicy and sparkling right from the first spray.

The white musk and the woods contained in the base note bestow this fragrance with a character that is consistently strong, while being highly persistent and captivating.

You will surely perceive how our tuberose is a true and exquisite weapon of seduction!